ISO*-Therm – Protective coating against condensate

Our protective coating absorbs moisture and prevents drop formation

ISO*-Therm – Our protective coating against condensate

Condensate is produced when substances from the gaseous to the liquid state pass. Air always contains a certain amount of moisture. If saturated air hits an area that is colder, it settles in the form of waterdrops.

ISO*-Therm protective coating is based on perlite (volcanic rock) and an acrylic emulsion. This combination ensures excellent water absorption, prevents drop formation and is a non-combustible building material.

The anti-condensing coating ISO*-Therm
  • absorbs up to 610 g / m² of moisture from the air and releases it back to the environment at adjusted temperatures.
  • reduces temperature differences.
  • dampens vibration noises e.g. from rain and wind.
  • prevents direct contact of moisture and substrate.
  • has good reflection properties.

Application: Swipe or spray on any solid, clean, dry and grippy substrate (e.g. mineral plasters such as concrete, primed pore concrete, primed or metallic surfaces, e.g. trapezoidal sheets) or on surfaces already coated with mineral, dispersion or alkyd resin paint. ISO*-Therm is not applicable to moist substrates.

Consumption: 0.75 to 1.2 kg per m²

Drying: The drying time depends on temperature and humidity. As a rule, the coated area is well dried after 24 hours. High relative humidity and / or low temperatures extend the drying time.

Container sizes: 5, 10, 20, 100 to 110 kg-Behälter or 900 kg pallet tank

Fields of application: halls, carparks, garages, electronics cabinets, containers, in agriculture or in industrial construction