On-site services

We will inform you of our planned visit to your site 14 days in advance. If the date turns out to be inconvenient, please contact our disposition.

Route planning and documentation

The routes are centrally scheduled to ensure an efficient clustering of orders. Staff resources, available vehicles and materials usage are coordinated in such a way as to provide high-quality service at the lowest possible cost – preferably on the date of your choice. We keep image documentation and work receipts of our assignments, which you can access at any time, for a minimum of ten years.

Overview of our on-site services

  • LPG tank coating for private and commercial applications – nationwide and in Austria
  • Manhole refurbishment for buried LPG tanks, e.g. at LPG filling stations
  • Documenting CI conformity of LPG filling stations (comparison of target / actual state)
  • Debranding: replacing advertising labels, e.g. at LPG filling stations
  • Refurbishment of tank farms, piping, machine parts, separator systems
  • Floor coatings – antistatic if desired; Polyurea coatings
  • Mobile blasting jobs, scaffolding
  • FROSIO Level II Inspector