Cleasy - NanoTechnology - Finishing

Innovative "add-on" with 46 percent nano-share


refines surfaces and gives them exceptional properties:

  • unique hydrophobic protection with water-repellent lotus effect
  • Easy-to-Clean effect: dirt-repellent and easy to clean
  • High-gloss effect

Cleasy protects against dirt and corrosion and lets water bead on the surface. Whether containers, shelves, gates, pumps, fences or agricultural machinery, whether stainless steel, concrete, wood or glass, Cleasy refines and protects almost all surfaces from industry and crafts – permanently.

Do you want to use the additive? We help you and mobilize our network – until the successful market launch: We create the best ingredients, use the test facility of the Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research IFAM or the Institute for Coatings and Paints ILF for the test and ensure the TÜV approval.


  • Liquefied gas containers
  • Hospital supplies
  • Yacht construction